Seven Deadly Sins

Stone Plaster        Open edition        PRICE £270

Size: (each gargoyle) 8cm x 13cm x 7cm

Price includes packaging and shipping to UK addresses.  For addresses outside the UK please contact Sculptor

Seven separate relief caricatures, hooks included for wall mounting (scroll down for individual images:)


lust envypride
sloth wrathavarice


Each sculpture has been given the pitted texture of stone and finished with a two-tone acrylic wash to replicate the effects of age on stone carvings. Each is fitted with a hook for wall mounting. These sculptures are frost proof but would require coats of clear wax to seal against rain if displayed outside.  (The "Wrath" gargoyle has recently been re-sculpted.  The new image will be posted on the site asap or can be sent as attachment by email on enquiry).