Backgammon Players


Bronze Resin ~ Limitied Edition: 15

Price: £395

Size: 29cm x 23cm x 7cm 

For more information/availability please contact sculptor.

Having sculpted these figures in clay - an amalgam of local players I passed in cafés on the way to my studio in the Old Town, Rhodes - I felt I needed to accentuate the tension in the sculpture with an accurate recreation of a particularly critical move. I took the clay piece to a café as a work in progress. A group of local men were pleased to help and after a raucous hour finally decided on the layout. Here the character on our left has just been Backgammoned by his opponent who was up until this point hopelessly losing the game. Their fantastically animated arguments over the positioning of these pieces reaffirmed why I was making this sculpture. The uniform tone of bronze resin prevents this detail from showing but it is now on record as a team effort. My thanks to all of them.