Apart We Exist...


Ltd. Edition Bronze: 40    Size: (Each figure) 9cm x 10cm x 7cm     PRICE: £555  

(Also available in Bronze Resin: £390)

Inspired by a trip to Ephesus through a mountain gorge where rocks and boulders, split by earthquakes and weathered by time offered up images of figures. One such boulder stood out from the others suggesting that of a loving couple; two parts of one still standing together.

Missing as I was, my twin sister, I borrowed this image and refined it further in my studio.

Although it was created to describe a strong sibling relationship it also speaks more widely of love, marriage, partnership and friendship.

This image also carries a resonance of the Chinese Yin/Yang concept; the coexistence of two opposites. In this light the "Whole" can be seen as a single entity, the wholeness of the individual, the perfect harmony of balanced opposites to which we all aspire.