What you'll learn

The first thing you'll learn is how much you naturally know already...
Through a series of simple exercises you'll discover:
  • How even the most minimally sculpted figures can express profound emotion and movement 
  • How "chance" or "mistakes" show us new ways of expressing.   

We then go on to look at:

  • How to turn delicate clay into strong, lightweight and waterproof sculpture (without the lengthy and often costly processes of casting or firing) 
  • How to make armatures
  • How to sculpt in fine detail. 


Laminated clay with MARBLE patinationLaminated clay with BRONZE patinationLaminated clay with GRANITE patination

Above: laminated clay sculptures with acrylic patinations

Horse by Charlie Haward medallion-gill-shaw

Above: Bronze resin relief sculptures with moulds.


The Fall of Phaeton by Charlie Haward: clay sculpture beforeThe Fall of Phaeton by Charlie Haward; bronze complete

Above: Clay relief sculpture and completed Bronze Resin cast


Chew Valley Arts Trail



So to Sum Up

You will learn the basics of armature making, clay modelling and lamination, you’ll develop your own style and gain a greater knowledge of anatomy. 

You'll also have had a really good time. (See Student Testimonials)

After class in the local pubHaving a laugh in class