Student Testimonials

“Fantastic course, I'd recommend it to anyone. Kate immediately inspires confidence, which as a beginner I really appreciated. I was amazed at what we were all able to produce. The lovely atmosphere is like an evening spent with good friends; relaxing, energizing, inspiring. If you get the chance : don't miss this!”

“Brilliant - Kate encourages one to think in ways which free the mind and to achieve things one never thought one could”
~Susan Burton

“What a brilliant course! I have enjoyed many crafts before but under Kate's calm and enthusiastic tuition I have, at last, found the art-form that will satisfy me for the rest of my life. With grateful thanks”
~Julia Lear

“Kate believes in us. We certainly believe in her. A truly generous and talented teacher who will bring out the best in each one of us.”
~Pam Harman

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