New To Sculpture?

Mother and ChildAnyone who's ever made a choice of furniture or matched a pair of shoes with a suit has drawn on an unconscious knowledge of what “looks right”, a knowledge that's been quietly developing in one part of the brain from infancy.  We know far more than we think.

And of course we do.  Our first language was that of shape.  As infants the concept of comfort was defined by the familiar features of our mother, our social survival depended on the learning of body-language, long before we understood the words around us, we got the gist from gesture. And that was just the beginning ...   think how much more we've learned since then...                                                        

Body language is still our first language, it makes up (according to some sources) 90 % of our communication.  So what better qualification could we have for making expressive figures, tender portraits or evocative abstracts?  (... not too sure the fabulous paliolithic cave paintings of Lascaux were the product of a three year degree course in Art and Aesthetics)
The truth is it's just a question of tapping into that knowledge.   The rest is practice.

And a surprisingly small amount of practice will produce some astonishingly fine work.  See Students' Gallery  (sculpted by complete beginners).


So if you've never sculpted before and would like to have a go, or if you're familiar with another art form and would like to learn some new techniques, or if you simply want to meet some new people and have a good time, then you've come to the right place. 

~ ~ ~

Wire Figure by Carole Westacott