Sculpture Courses

Sculpture Classes

Sculpture Courses take place in Somerset.  

Holiday Courses (for Beginner Sculptors) take place in Turkey and Greece. 

Please note: the 2016 "Creativity Cruise" course, held on a luxury boat which cruises the south west coast of Turkey, has been cancelled, out of respect and sympathy for the refugees attempting to make the dangerous crossing from Turkey to Europe.

A reassessment of the situation will be made in 2017 and, if appropriate, the course will be re-instated.

Its a fabulous experience ... full-board on a luxury boat ... Sculpture classes ("easy, inspiring and fun") as well as Workshops in Group Harmony Singing, Creative Writing, Painting, Yoga and Meditation ... all held on deck in the mornings, leaving afternoons free for swimming, sightseeing etc. (Info: Courses in Greece & Turkey  and Sculpture Holiday in Turkey

Dates for forthcoming Weekend UK courses will be posted in the spring.