Projects Co-operative

One of the aims of the Newlyn School of Sculpture, as well as running classes, is to create the opportunity for a group of people to work together on the making of a specific sculpture.  For the fun of it.  And for free.


For this, a Co-Operative has been set up, open to all students, past or present - no fees, just the shared expenses of materials and work space.  Together we can make larger sculptures or a series of smaller ones which can then either be loaned for specific events, donated to charities or offered for sale, (in which case the the Co-Op would share the proceeds equally). A portfolio of work can then be built from which we can attract future commissions.

Econocaust Project


Econocaust group projectThe Econocaust - fired by the outrage we all felt as the financial crisis hit, a group of us got together and produced an ironic and farcical metaphor for the current state of the economy.   Based on a "machine" created, just after the 2nd World war, by Kate's father, Professor W. T. Newlyn and his colleague, Professor B. Phillips -  designed to simulate the flow of the economy - our version followed in the style of Emett's cartoon published in Punch in 1953. The original turned out to be one of the first analogue computers ever built and now resides in the London Science museum with commissioned replicas in universities worldwide.  Our Econocaust has attracted a great deal of attention and  in September 2010 it will be installed on permenant display in Leeds University.  (See Press for reviews). 



Jesmonite Project



ghosts 1ghosts 2To test the solidity of this weatherproof acrylic plaster, a group of us created a set of Ghosts,  shaping the plaster-soaked material around formers - in this case mannequins.  The experiment was a success and the image quite striking.  We had originally intended to display them in the local pond, as if emerging from the water, but instead we took them over to the "Boat graveyard" on Gloucestershire's Sharpness estuary and photographed them emerging from the wonderful old hulls that shore up the banks along this stretch of water.  Possibly one of the only times when a grey and misty day might have been preferred,  Still, we had a laugh and the sun-soaked pub lunch was great.


Willow Lanterns

Willow Lanterns Project

withy-lanternsA couple of afternoons is all it took to create these - and a lot of us had never worked in withy before.  Its a lot easier than it might appear, satisfyingly fast and refreshingly colourful.  We plan to make as many as we can and organise a mass candle-lit procession, possibly on bonfire night.  Suggestions as to which village or town are welcomed. 


Scarecrow Trail 2011

scarecrowVenue: the streets of Compton Martin, Somerset.  Open to All.  Any and all ideas welcome.  See photos for inspiration: go to Compton Martin's own website for a full tour of last year's collection. 

Trail-blazed by the wonderful John and Gill Mayers of Compton Martin, the Scarecrow Trail has become a bi-annual event not to be missed.  Scores of scarecrow sculptures (made by people who've never made sculpture before), line the streets of the village, poking heads out of holes in the ground, (scarecrows that is, not people) peering off roof tops, hanging in the trees, All for the fun of it. And all for free. 

If you would like to take part in this contact Kate at the Newlyn School of Sculpture and join the workshops and the madness.