Your "Creativity Course" in Turkey




Sculpture and Singing


The Sculpture w/shop (though I say it myself) is good fun. 

Working in clay we’ll be looking at body language and how the most minimal modelling can depict a wide range of emotion. You’ll quickly discover ways of producing highly expressive figures and you’ll have fun doing it. These figures will then be consolidated in Polymer Clay. (Fuller details elsewhere on this website)


The Group Singing workshop will include some lovely simple melodies, easilly learned, to be sung in harmony. An ability to to read music isn’t necessary, this is suitable for all abilities.


We'll probably spend some of our evenings making music as well - and we'll be including instruments as well, so if there are any players out there who’d like to join us, please bring - providing its not a grand piano. 


For information on the boat go to Sculpture Holiday in Turkey