What else to expect

Working Breakfast Beach Workshops




  • Bruises - from the kicks you give yourself for not having done this before.
  • Quite a bit of lounging around on deck, under the pretext that your sculpture/poem/painting (started an hour or so earlier) needs "a bit of a rest".
  • A lot of swimming - in crystal clear blue waters.
  • To feel like a kid again, mucking about with clay, paint, words and song, whilst appearing as an ever-so-clever-adult (quite enjoyable that).
  • To incur the envy of friends back home when they hear about your holiday.
  • To make more new friends than you can shake a stick at, (so, stuff the old ones)
  • To fall hopelessly in love with the Mediterranean, if you haven't already done so.
  • Sea-sickness - Not from being on it, but from having to leave it.  (The boat only ever goes at a snails pace by the way - we just tootle round corners and into the next bay - so no sea-sickness worries - at all)