Voucher System

 If you're a bit concerned that by signing onto a course you could be paying for classes you can't make because you already have prior commitments: don't worry.  The system is built so that this doesn't happen.  Simply specify these dates when you are applying and you'll be offered alternative catch-up-session/s, at no extra cost, within the 10 week period of your course, and brought up to date with the processes you'd otherwise have missed. 

Since the other classes, running alongside your own, will be the same 10 week course, this is perfectly feasible -  nice too, as you'd be able to meet and work alongside some of the other people taking the same course as yours.  
You'll also find additional flexibility when your course has started.  You can, for instance, arrange to swap a session with someone else on another class day if you suddenly find that another commitment has cropped up when your course is under way. 
Unfortunately it wouldn't be possible to offer alternative dates were you to miss a class  due to illness etc., but all being well, the flexibility built into this system will help ensure that if you sign on for a full course of 10 sessions: a full course you will get.

Pay-As-You-Go system is also available.

If you fancy just coming along for one session to see the sort of work we do, you're very welcome, you don't have to commit to a full course.  If you find it suits, you can join us, but if it doesn't, you haven't lost out.  You can also,  if you've already started a course and fancy fitting in a few more classes, use the Pay-As-You-Go system too.   Whatever suits you best.  Flexibility is all.

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