SINGLE-DAY-CLASS (Sat or Sun):  £90   

A maximum of 3 people are welcome to join the Weekend class for a single Try-Out day, 

(50% Reduction for previous students wishing to attend a refresher class)



2 day course at Cottage Studio (maximum: 5 students)

2 day course at Compton Martin School Room (maximum: 10 students)


10 WEEK COURSE:  £300 

Maximum 10 students, one session per week x 10 weeks. (Courses currently unavailable.  To be resumed in 2015)  



Please see details under Sculpture Holidays

Maximum 9 students



Please see details under Sculpture Holidays

Maximum 8 students


Voucher System  

(only applicable to the 10 week courses)

For the 10 week course there is a unique voucher system means you never have to miss out. Too often people sign onto a course and, because life has an irritating habit of getting in the way, you may find you have to skip a class or two, due to prior commitments.  On many other courses there'd be some important stages you'd miss as a result.

With this voucher system this doesn't happen. If you know in advance you can't make a class, you'll be offered another. 

(For a few more details on this, please see the Voucher System section of the website)

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