Your "Creativity Course" in Turkey




 Workshops all Designed for Beginners:

Sculpture, Poetry, Yoga, Meditation, Music


(You may choose whichever you fancy,

none are compulsary)



Sculpture and Land Art: Kate Newlyn

Meditation and Haiku Poetry: Jessica Wilker

Yoga: Dee Cooke 

Group Singing: Irene Kelso

Creative Writing/Performance: Huw Thomas


 To unite these, there'll be a central theme of "A JOURNEY"



Working initially with Plasteline we look at how emotion can be depicted and, through a series of deceptively simple exercises, you'll quickly discover ways of producing highly expressive figures. These figures will then be consolidated in Polymer Clay.

Your sculptures may be inspired by the emotions connected with discovery and adventure - or perhaps a different, internal, journey.

Land Art

We'll be going ashore many times during the trip but for this Land Art workshop we'll stay for 3 hours. We'll be looking into the possibilities of creating unique, abstract pieces of Art which describe the theme of "A Journey" ... a piece of driftwood combined with a series of shells perhaps ... A spray of pine leaves arranged with a carefully selected set of stones ...The possibilities are endless, and endlessly enjoyable. Photographs can then be taken of the work - for posterity.


We'll be practicing traditional Buddhist anapanasati meditation (mindfulness of breathing). As its name implies, this meditation uses breath as an object of concentration. The simple act of concentration brings us back to the present moment and all the richness of experience that this contains. Meditation works wonderfully as an antidote to restlessness and anxiety and is an excellent way to relax. Last, but not least, it offers a means of transforming the mind, encouraging a calm seeing of the true nature of things.

Haiku Poetry Workshop

Haiku, a form of poetry originating in Japan, refers to one single insightful event or emotion which is happening in the present moment. Its imagery - intimately connected with Nature - is, foremost, a real observation and because of the poem's shortness, relies greatly on suggestion.  The form comprises 17 syllables, divided up into just 3 lines (of 5 syllables, then 7 and then 5 again).

Writing a Haiku offers the exciting challenge of creating an atmosphere in this restricted space as well as a grounding experience in being aware. It also offers us the joy of creatively enhancing a special moment in our lives - of which we will, no doubt have plenty, during this delightful Creativity Cruise.

"As we ran

Our toes made dimples in the wet sand

Now cups of sea-foam"


We'll be practicing a gentle yoga with a mixture of techniques. Starting with Ashtanga - sun salutation - to welcome the day, warming the body and increasing energy. Standing asanas (postures) will help strengthen body and mind with the introduction of conscious breathing, while balance postures will harmonise mind and energy body. Sitting asanas will then be followed by relaxation. By the end of the session you will have achieved a sense of peace, a clensing of energy-blockages, allowing a new space for fresh energy, joy and happiness. Regular yoga will help to achieve clarity of mind - seeing things from a wider perspective, and a greater sense of connectedness with all beings.

Group Singing

Led by Irene Kelso, with accompaniment by Huw Thomas (if and when appropriate) this workshop will include some lovely simple melodies, easilly learned and sung in harmony by complete beginners. The songs originate from various corners of the earth, including Africa and India as well as Turkey and the UK.

We'll probably spend some of our evenings doing this as well - and we'll be including instruments (Huw on guitar, Kate on whistle and bodhran) if anyone else would like to bring an instrument - providing its not a piano, harp or double bass - please feel free to do so. 


Creative Writing/Performance


Led by Huw Thomas, this workshop will be tailor-made according to the wishes of the guests. Huw has a whole career's worth of experience as a teacher on which he can draw, including teaching Drama in schools, Performance Arts and Stand-Up Comedy to Degree level, etc.  He has also been an actor, singer and will always be a musician. A man of many talents, an inspiration, and a joy to be around.


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