Your "Creativity Course" in Turkey




Sculpture, Meditation, Yoga, Singing

All Designed for Beginners


(You may choose whichever you fancy,

none are compulsary)



Working initially with Plasteline we look at how emotion can be depicted and, through a series of deceptively simple exercises, you'll quickly discover ways of producing highly expressive figures. These figures will then be consolidated in Polymer Clay.


We'll be practicing traditional Buddhist anapanasati meditation (mindfulness of breathing). A simple act of concentration which can bring us back to the present moment with all the richness of experience that this contains, offering a means of transforming the mind and encouraging a calm view into the true nature of things.


We'll be practicing a gentle yoga through a mixture of techniques. Starting with Ashtanga to warm the body and increase energy. Standing Asanas will then be included, helping to strengthen the body, while balance postures will help to harmonise mind and physical energy. Finally, seated asanas will be followed by a period of meditative relaxation. By the end of the session you will have learned some techniques to clear energy-blockages and give you greater clarity of mind - seeing things from a wider perspective and making the essential connectedness with all beings.

Group Singing

Led by Huw Thomas, this workshop will include some lovely simple melodies, easilly learned, to be sung in harmony. It’s not necessary to be able to read music, this is suitable for complete beginners. 

We'll probably spend some of our evenings doing this as well - and we'll be including instruments (Huw on guitar, Kate on whistle and bodhran). If anyone else would like to bring an instrument - providing its not a grand piano - please do.


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